Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Safer and More Comfortable Wedding Band For Husbands

Why do women wear their wedding rings while most men don't? It's not just because some men are on the prowl or just don't value their vows. It's usually because it doesn't fit well, it's uncomfortable, or it interferes with work or play. Men engage in activities that are not always conducive to the appreciation of jewelry. On the contrary, men tend to engage in activities that accelerate the depreciation of jewelry worn on the hands.

Men think nothing of putting their hands into the innards of an oily engine, gritty topsoil, clogged pipes, or most anywhere for that matter with ring intact. Few contact sports make room for wing wearing while skinny jeans' pockets will literally pull a ring off a man's finger and often times the ring lands on the ground.

Then for some men ring wearing is just uncomfortable.

Jeff McWhinney, a machinist and designer from California with a background in bicycle and skateboard design, has created a line of wedding bands specifically geared to active men, with a unique clamping design that not only looks cool, but can help prevent accidents as well. Read more about it HERE.

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