Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Elephant Spotted Bathing Nude On Florida Beach

Some Florida beach sunbathers got a visit from a sunbather of large dimensions. They were shocked an awed by a nude elephant taking a dip in the waters and soaking up some of that Florida sunshine.

Yes, a lone naked elephant stood in the water, with its legs and trunk partially submerged, while Redington Beach sunbathers watched in awe at the elephant shamelessly exposing its unmentionables.

 S2N Media has learned the elephant (Democrat FL.)  did in fact attempt to purchase a bathing suit in downtown Miami but all salespersons fled the store as the elephant crashed through the display window in its attempt to shop. The shopping trip was all for naught for the elephant as it could not find anything in its size.

There is Sex on The Beach, trash on the beach, and now elephants on the beach. Elephant on The Beach should be one hell of a drink.

There is more on our nude elephant at the beach HERE.

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