Friday, May 9, 2014

GOP House Speaker Receives A Threat on His Life

“You want to play with 2.7 million peoples lives I am going to take yours you will never see it coming with my sniper rifle "
A lot of us saw this one coming.

Desperate people will sometimes to desperate things. If  you kick a human being long enough sooner than later they are going to push back.

The GOP has arguably messed with enough folks on a myriad of issues that it should come as no surprise to them they aren't exactly the most favored bunch in America right now. And House Speaker John Boehner being the front man of the bunch certainly should have expected someone to jump off at him sooner than later.

Let me be clear. As many lives as the GOP's gamesmanship  bullshit has disrupted, I don't advocate threatening or taking one of their lives as retribution. Having said that,  I'm sure I'm not alone in being able to muster empathy for the Indiana man that communicated the threat that opened this post to House Speaker John Boehner.

Brandon J. Thompson, 32, of New Castle, Indiana is the man that expressed his intentions toward Boehner. He was arrested for making interstate threats.

According to the affidavit the threats started on the night of March 31, when someone sent a message via Boehner’s web site.

"You want to play with 2.7 million peoples lives I am going to take yours you will never see it coming with my sniper rifle….”

Then, on May 1, Boehner’s wife reported she received a threatening message on her cell phone while in Washington.

“I’m coming after your oompa loompa (expletive) husband. He shoulda extended unemployment insurance. Now, it’s too late. Imma rip his (expletive) head off.” 

Another threatening message followed on May 6, with the caller saying,

“He’s not untouchable. I will get my hands on him.”

Brandon sounded like he was more ticked off than a Pitt Bull with a flea up his (expletive). Dude was up on his hind legs and growling for real!

Research revealed that the GOP's reluctance to extend long term unemployment benefits  after December 28 2013 did leave Brandon short changed after his benefits expired on January 11 2014. Health and Human Services records obtained by the FBI showed that Thompson was receiving $341 a week in unemployment benefits before they expired Jan. 11.  Thompson is one who appears to be man of action. He has had five protective orders filed against him in Indiana since 2001.

Now I thought a not carried out threat would fall under the free speech right. Apparently that only applies if you're threatening President Obama ( they get jailed eventually but not swift).

“Free speech is the cornerstone of our democracy but threats of violence have no place in our civil society. People who are inclined to make them need to know that they violate the law and they will be aggressively pursued.”   -Joseph H. Hogsett,  United States Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana 

Brandon has compounded his problems while Boehner and company remains free to compound ours.

Soup2Nuts found out it was a "tearful " experience for Speaker Boehner.

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