Friday, May 30, 2014

Jay Carney Steps Down as White House Press Secretary

Friday May 30th 2014 - Washington (S2N Media) President Obama made the surprise announcement that Jay Carney relinquished his position as White House press secretary. Carney, 49, a former Time Magazine White House correspondent, joined the administration in late 2008 as spokesman for Vice President-elect Biden. He was promoted to Obama's chief spokesman in February 2011, replacing Robert Gibbs.

Carney gave spending time with his wife, television journalist Claire Shipman, and children as a reason for his departure. He did not elaborate about future career plans.

President Obama had this to say.

"Jay has become one of my closest friends and is a great press secretary and a great adviser," Obama said. "He's got good judgment, he has good temperament and he's got a good heart. And I'm going to miss him a lot. I will continue to rely on him as a friend, an adviser after he leaves to spend as much of his summer as he can with his kids before he decides what's next for him."

During his tenure as White House Press Secretary Carney honed a reputation among his former peers as a disciplined and cool-headed spokesman who rarely disseminated information detrimental to the White House or President. Carney is noted also for his skill to navigate and keep in align an aggressive press corps.

Josh Earnest, 39, Carney's top deputy, will assume the position of White House Press Secretary. Earnest would travel with the President to Europe the first week in June, and the press secretary said he would formally leave his job sometimes around mid-June.

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