Thursday, May 22, 2014

Republicans Could Be Six Seats Away From Fully Controlling Congress

If you are fed up with the lawmakers in Washington, and think we have an impotent Congress then your frustration level may be jacked up higher in the future. If the primaries held on mini-Super Tuesday are any indication of things to come,  the folks you are frustrated with are not going anywhere. You and I for unknown reasons keep voting (or not) the sources of our frustrations back in office.

As of this writing, not a single incumbent candidate has been unseated by voters who claim they are unhappy with Congress, National Journal reported.

In the 2014 Tuesday congressional primaries, incumbents went 45 for 45, and establishment Republicans won easy victories against their tea-party opponents. Despite how much we say we hate the current Congress, apparently we like them better than their primary challengers.

The G.O.P. lawmaker fraternity led by front man John  Boehner looks like they are going to retain the same players that have been present until November. If the status qou holds, come November the G.O.P. will only need to unseat six Democrats to gain control of the Senate. This would give them full control of Congress. A Republican controlled Congress and a Democratic President will no doubt give us two years of standoffs and halted momentum in regards decisions affecting us.

If the G.O.P. takes control the Senate, it gains the power to block Presidential appointees much more easily than it can do as the minority party. Judgeships and ambassadorships will remain vacant for want of candidates acceptable to both parties. Cabinet members and other nominees to the executive branch will face an even harder time getting appointed than they do now. You all have seen how the G.O.P. has essentially said no to extended unemployment benefits, immigration reform, and proper SNAP funding. If they control Congress that "no" becomes "HELL NO".

I fear a sucker punch by the G.O.P. in November. The Obamanites for one are going to be caught sleeping and not voting as they did in the November 10 mid-terms. They came out in droves to put President in office, and went AOL when it came time to give him a Congress that would work with him. If Democrats get caught up on G.O.P. distractions this November, Republicans will easily get a hold of those six seats they need to control the senate.

There are a whole lot of political insolvent voters all over the country that still do not understand how Washington works. There are unfortunately folks that believe the President is this end all be all messiah and Congress steps and fetches at his beck and call. There are people content with the gridlock Congress has produced over the past two years. These people will make a G.O.P. controlled Congress come to fruition. That would be a lopsided concentration of power that would not serve everyone equitably.

For a nation with so many people frowning on Congress we sure have a strange way of showing our displeasure. We refuse to fire the ones that are not performing.

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