Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Solange Knowles Did Not Beat Down Jay Z

Straight out of the gate let's get one thing straight. Solange Knowles didn't beat down Jay Z. There was no ass whooping as has been widely reported. I saw what hood brawlers call some "love taps" and a few poorly aimed kicks but nobody got their azz beat in any elevator.

We don't know if Solange was intervening on behalf of her sister Beyonce in response to Jay getting a bit cozy with designer Rachael Roy. We don't know if Jay pinched Solange somewhere she didn't think she should not have been pinched. We don't know that Jay didn't tell Solange she couldn't sing a lick and she should give it up. We don't know.

Solange was definitely upset at Jay Z but she did not beat him down as so many media outlets reported. Heck, from where I am sitting to say she assaulted him is a reach. It is no doubt she put her hands on him and kicked at him however; video minus audio always will appear more animated than the real event.

The whole episode was a bit too controlled to warrant any concern from me. Solange was self-restrained to the degree she did not go after Jay Z until she thought she was away from the public and the cameras. They walked to their respective rides afterwards as if nothing had happened.  I understand Solange has acted the fool more than one time in the past and when she goes off she usually does not care where it is.

Her actions in the elevator did not appear all that far across the assault line to me. It appeared to me many of her physical reactions were out of frustration. She appeared to attempt to emphasize whatever point she was trying to make by physically lashing out. The bodyguard restraining her was not putting a lot of effort into holding her back. We have all seen a woman go ballistic before, and Solange Knowles in that elevator was nowhere close to being ballistic.

At the exit from the elevator Solange appears about to walk out the elevator then suddenly takes another lunge at Jay Z. I will bet a dime to a doughnut that lunge was in response to a taunt.

Judging by her sister Beyonce's demeanor during the whole ordeal, and Jay's calm response, Solange was not scaring anyone. This behavior obviously was not new to them. You, your next-door neighbors, and I have relatives with reputations for going off. We know them well enough to know when they go off they are not going to really hurt anyone, especially if no one taunts or ridicules them.

I would surmise its hard living in the shadow of an older more successful mega-star sister. It has to be a double whammy to the younger less successful and popular sister when that mega-sister is working in the same industry. That leads to "a scream to be heard" mentality and I think that is the gist of what was driving Solange's actions in that elevator. Again, she certainly was not trying to beat down anyone. If she was, she was not putting a lot of effort in it.

The media really needs to stick with some good solid journalism and avoid selling speculation. Speculation is all we have about what set off Solange Knowles to the point she resorted to physical contact to make whatever her point was to Jay Z.

It is alarming when celebrity disruptions in an elevator take news precedent over 200 plus girls being held against their will by an armed militia group. Alarming indeed.

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