Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Manifesto of Mass Killer Elliot Rodger

Some mass killers carryout their heinous acts and most often take their own lives; cheating society out of the opportunity to seek justice. Some leave no notes or explanations as  to how their minds became so deranged the conclusion of their demented state is a flurry of carnage and killing,

Twenty-three year old Elliot Rodger killed six people and wounded thirteen before killing himself in the aftermath of his senseless vile tirade. He left behind a 141 page manifesto that revealed a mind consumed with hatred loathing and perceived self entitlement. It's a chilling look into the mind of a killer that cruised through the radar of mental professionals and law enforcement authorities and wound up senselessly taking lives and wounding way more than the thirteen that were physically incapacitated in his tirade.

Manifesto of Elliot Rodger by New York Post

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