Monday, May 12, 2014

The Most Incredible Steering Wheel In The World

At first sight without any description the highly functional and complex F1 steering wheel is easily mistaken for a video game controller. 

The Formula 1 race car's steering wheel is its technology nerve center, and it is one of the few reusable parts. Except for the throttle and brake pedals; few F1 cars have any controls other than those on the wheel's face.

In its center is a multi-function LCD screen surrounded by brightly colored buttons controlling more than 40 functions from clutch, radio and rev limiter to changing the car's front-to-rear brake bias and its fuel mixture.
There is also a "boost" button to activate KERS and another for the drag reduction system (DRS), which enables a driver to open a gap in the car's rear wing to decrease aerodynamic drag and improve ability to overtake.

If you could convince an F1 team to sell you one for your street Lotus or Mercedes, be prepared to part with upwards of $50.000. 

The info graphic below shows the complex myriad of functions this marvel of a steering when performs under some of the most grueling and rapid conditions endured by an automobile.

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