Thursday, May 8, 2014

What Fox Talks About When Obamacare Succeeds

The mouths over at Fox are not just rambling Obamarations randomly to fill airtime. There is a method to their bashing madness. Their three hot button topics tend to trend at intervals when one or more topic sibling tanks.

The good folks over at the Daily KOS took the liberty of putting together the chart below that shows what happens when Fox's grinding AX Obamacare scores good points with the general public. They shift talking points from OCare to that other Ax they refuse to let go, Benghazi. They also had a "bailout topic"; Cliven Bundy before he imploded.

The chart would suggest when conservative centric Fox can't throw dirt at OCare, they divert the news conduit to other select topics. Fox News fair and unbiased? Really?
Chart by Daily KOS

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