Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bill & Hillary Clinton Broke When They Left The White House

Hillary Clinton told ABC News' Dianne Sawyer in an interview that her family was "dead broke" and saddled with legal bills after she and Bill Clinton left the White House. Many folks have found that unbelievable.

While the Clinton's were never in danger of being forced into a cardboard box or holding up "will speak for money" signs on the local intersection, they were in fact cash "strapped" at  the end of Bill Clinton's tenure as President of the United States.

"We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt" - Hillary Clinton

Hillary says they struggled to piece together financial resources for mortgages houses and their daughter Chelsea's education. Who knew?

Going into 2009, before Hillary Clinton the Obama Administration as secretary of State, the Clintons' wealth was said to be somewhere between $10 million and $50 million. Republicans point to the 2009 wealth estimates and Hillary's "broke" admission as an indication that she is out of touch with what being broke really is.

Since he left office, former President Bill Clinton has racked up a fortune in speaking fees so it is plausible that the Clintons were at the threshold of disparity upon his leaving office and money from the speaking engagements replenished their coffers.

According to a CNN analysis of 12 years of federal financial records, former President Bill Clinton did extremely well on the lecture circuit in 2012. He is reported to average $195,000 per speech.  He delivered 73 speeches for $17 million from mid-January 2012 through mid-January 2013. His total haul in speaking fees since leaving the White House was $106 million by the end of 2013.

Politico reported in February 2012 that the former first lady would earn well into the six figures herself on the speaking circuit. It could be honestly said the Clintons "talked" their way back to prosperity.

The Clintons were not broke long. That raises the question of why did Hillary even make public this "didn't need to know" information. Unlike the Republicans that think it's a sign she is out of touch with common financial reality I believe the revelation sends the message to would be voters even she is not above the financial woes many of them experience every day. That's a nice connection to have if one is considering a run for the presidency.

The Clintons at one time looks as if they did have money issues, however they have since rebounded and looks to be fairly set for the near future.

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