Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Return of The Ubiquitous Black Boogeyman

This Black man did it stuff is running amok again. The scary thing is that in the past it has gotten countless Black men locked up for crimes they did not commit. Various criminal investigators over the decades adopted the "Black Man did it" as a de facto crime solver at times when the charged produced iron clad alibis. In addition, there is the media that spins and twists tales of these phantom Black boogeyman  nine ways to Sunday picking up disillusioned believers along the way.

Then some white accusers started getting busted red handed in their false accusations claiming Black Men responsible for crimes that they had either nothing to do with or crimes that never occurred in the first place.

Philadelphia 2009. A White Philadelphia mom claimed two Black men snatched her two kids from an SUV and stuffed them in the trunk of a car.
Hint: If you're gonna convincingly  charge a Black Man with something he didn't do you may want to make sure the crime is something Black men are synonymous with doing. Black men kidnap ex-wives, and girlfriends (usually for a moment at that) BLACK MEN DON'T KIDNAP WHITE KIDS AND DOGS. Neither do they hi-jack planes, but I digress.

How about Susan Smith? This deranged South Carolina white woman drowned her two children and then blamed it on a 30-year-old black man . Again, BLACK MEN DO NOT KIDNAP WHITE KIDS. Hey, there is conflicting messages coming out of the stereotype camp here. Remember how people like to CLAIM Black Men abandon their children and this that and the third? Well now. Why in the hell would it be believable that someone abandoning children would turn around and kidnap some. Sorry Jim Bob, neither hypothesis holds water and they cancel each other out.

The accusations are as many as they are ludicrous. A White cop claims a Black man shot him, a White Woman claims a Black man raped her (this one got a few brothers hung and castrated back in the day). a White somebody claimed a Black Man did this and that.

Just when we thought this false persecuting of Black Men was on the decline it has in fact shifted into a higher gear in 2014.

Let's go over to Ohio, where we have Ohio bus driver Rickey Wagoner. Wagoner just straight up appears to have made some stuff up and threw the Bible into his tale for good mix.

In February the RTA bus driver told police in February that he was attacked by three black teens who stabbed and shot him three times - but that two bullets were stopped by his copy of 'The Message', a contemporary take on the New Testament. (Source)

Dayton cops didn't buy the story at face value and conclude Wagoner staged the attack, shooting himself in the arm and placing the Bible-like book on the asphalt before pumping two slugs into it.

At a news conference, Police Chief Richard Biehl said:

"This assault, as reported, is not true, not accurate" 

Police did extensive testing, including simulating the shots fired into the book. Biehl said it wasn't credible to believe that bullets didn't pass through the book into Wagoner.

Biehl also said that only Wagoner's DNA was found at the scene and that his injuries weren't consistent with defensive wounds.
Therefore, there were no Black Teenagers, just Wagoner and his tall tales that could have gotten three Black teenagers arrested for crimes they did not commit.

Then in North Carolina, Monday June 24th.

A Fox (<-that's suspect in an within itself) affiliate reported A 17 year old babysitter claimed that her employer's home had been burglarized by two black men and one of them looked like the next door neighbor.

Cody Oaks, Dean's neighbor, was handcuffed and questioned by police for hours until 4-year-old Abby chimed in to straighten up that detail that dealt with the color of the suspects. (Source)

She said, "It wasn't the right skin color." She said that the robbers were white and not black. Once Abby spoke up the babysitter's weave of lies started to topple and she copped to the crime, admitting that it was her 16-year-old boyfriend and another accomplice who had actually robbed the house.

The babysitter and her two accomplices were arrested and may face robbery, burglary and perjury charges.

Therefore, this blaming of the phantom Black Man apparently has not faded into the horizon with the setting sun. On the contrary, it tends to appear just as the rising sun does daily and is still being grasped by some Whites as a mask for crimes they commit. There does appear to be an increased tolerance by law investigators against the ubiquitous black man claims resulting in the arrest of the real criminals.

I submit that part of the punishment for falsely accusing Black Men of a crime should be assignment to a cell that's housing a few Black (falsely accused and convicted) jailhouse gang members. That would reform those that subscribe to lying on Black Men quicker than you can say, "He did it".

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