Wednesday, July 30, 2014

House Republicans Successfully Vote To Sue President Obama

Two days before going on a month long vacation, you and I would be working feverishly to tie up any unfinished business. Right? Of course we would.  Not our House of Representatives. Before they were to head out for a month-long August recess, House Republicans were busy all right-just not busy working on anything of substance. They were not working on a bill to address minimum wage or pursuing a solution to investing in an infrastructure for the 21st century. They were not addressing the loophole that allows for the bloodletting of corporations to foreign soil to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Wait, I stand corrected on the bloodletting of corporations observation. Senate Republicans did spend sometime on that earlier in the day. Sure did-they blocked  a bill to close the "corporate desertion" tax loophole. So much for job retention on home soil.

The House could not get to matters of the Nation because they were focused on authorizing a frivolous lawsuit against President Obama. And they garnered enough votes to move forward with that lawsuit. Yes, they voted 225 to 201 to allow Speaker John Boehner to sue Obama. Five Republicans voted no, while no Democrats voted in favor of pursuing the lawsuit. Well surprise, surprise, the House can do something when they really want to. Who knew?

One thing for sure, House Republicans are good at one thing-wasting time and taxpayer's money. This lawsuit craziness is the brainchild of a GOP that has invested countless hours attempting to fabricate repeated episodes of political theater based on a fictional plot and storyline. That plot and storyline being one about a President so ineffective he cannot get anything right. Now they are saying he is a lawbreaker.

What law exactly did the President break? Well the jury has not been seated to ponder that question yet. The basis of the lawsuit lies on the Republicans assertion that Obama exceeded his constitutional authority by unilaterally deciding to delay the employer mandate for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Now remember what you just read while you digest the upcoming fact.

"Congress moved the nation closer to a government shutdown on Tuesday September 29 2013, as House Republicans voted early Sunday 231-192 to advance a stopgap spending measure to delay implementation of President Obama's health care law for one year." - USA Today

Yes, the House is suing the President for doing the exact same thing they voted to do back in 2013.

I have to give the House credit for having some big gonads, albeit some empty ones. You are bold to sue the President of the United States of America on some merit that is about as stable as the Gaza Strip. Look out America; if this lawsuit happens to set a precedent, we all stand a chance of being sued for some fellow cubicle neighbor for not doing our jobs. You will go to work everyday doing what you were hired to do and get sued for that. My head is still spinning.

The President is having a bit of a laugh at this dog and pony show. It is safe to surmise his message to the GOP is one the majority of Americans will cosign right about now.

"Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hatin' all the time. Let's get some work done." - President Barrack Obama

Yes, its a message the House would do well to heed. But we know they won't. It'll be Politics  Hatertics as usual.

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