Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Here's How Much Americans Despise Congress

It will not surprise anyone to find  the Congress that just left for their August 2014 break is the most disliked group of lawmakers in history. What will surprise some is just how much the very people responsible for voting them back in office dislike them. They've overplayed their hater hands and the chickens have come home to roost. For some of these lawmakers they may have to pay the piper at future elections.

 If the current crop of lawmakers held similar capacities in the private sector, they all would be waiting on extended unemployment benefits about now. Yes the contempt they've sowed within Americans is that bad.

A new poll from NBC News and Marist College registers  Americans' overwhelming distaste for Congress. The survey shows that just 22 percent of people would describe Congress as at least "somewhat productive," while 74 percent say it has been at least "somewhat unproductive." Half of Americans say Congress has been "very unproductive," and only 3 percent say it has been "very productive."(SOURCE)

There is a very valuable lesson that we all can takeaway from that poll. One can expend an enormous amount of energy and resources attempting to corral a hate posse to cosign their cause. However, when people realize that cause is one big fallacy, the fabricator of that fallacy will be the odd man out.  In the case of this current Congress, there are a lot odd men and women out.

The question now is "Will American's take their distaste to the polls in future?" The November mid -terms will be the first litmus test of sorts and I would expect it's some politicians that aren't sleeping well. Oh well.

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