Friday, August 15, 2014

Texas Governor Rick Perry Indicted Behind Abuse of Power Charges

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been indicted by an Austin grand jury in connection with a veto of funding for state public corruption prosecutors. Perry is accused of abusing his official powers by publicly promising to veto $7.5 million for the state public integrity unit at the Travis County District Attorney's office.

The veto promise was in response to District Attorney  Rosemary Lehmberg's April 2013 drunken driving charge that landed her in jail for 45 days. Perry's veto hinged upon whether or not Lehmberg would resign her position as District Attorney for Travis County . The state's Public Integrity Unit operates out of her office.

Lehmberg refused to resign sparking to Perry carry out his veto, drawing an ethics complaint.

News sources confirm that Perry does have the authority to veto budget items. His critics said that the veto was initiated for political purposes and is a crime.

The governor's office says Perry was exercising authority appropriately.

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