Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Curves and Confidence | Inspiring Curvy Women One Outfit At A Time

Check out Soup2Nuts Media's favorite fashion blogger and blog, Shea @ Curves & Confidence. We are huge fans of appropriate yet stylish business and casual attire and Ms. Shea is one fashion consultant that sets a golden standard.

We would suggest hiring her if  you're you're trying to get a grip on your corporate or office dress policies and procedures. Full Disclosure - We are not affiliated with Curves and Confidence nor are they with us. We just believe in promoting talent, class, and style when we see it, and this lady and her blog is chocked full of all three.

Check out one of our favorite Curves and Confidence posts  @ Curves and Confidence | Inspiring Curvy Women One Outfit At A Time: Birthday Girl:


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    1. You're most welcomed. The fashion, corporate, and business arenas could use your direction style and advice. Keep doing what you're doing the way you're doing it -- You're always on point!


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