Tuesday, September 30, 2014

From S2N TV - Violence is Never Sexy - Animals by Maroon 5

Behati Prinsloo in Maroon 5's "Animals

From S2N TV and Vevo - A look at Marroon 5's "Animals".

Adam Levine acts as wife Behati Prinsloo's stalker in new Maroon 5 'Animals' video.
The 35-year-old singer and his new bride star in the video naked and covered in blood. The racy clip is directed by Samuel Bayer.

The somewhat graphic and bloody clip shows Levine following Prinsloo's every move and cuts to him chopping up meat in a butcher shop.

The 35-year-old "Voice" judge continues to belt out the new track as he stands outside her window peering in at her in the pouring rain.

The somewhat graphic clip circles around Levine stalking Prinsloo and cuts to him chopping up meat in a butcher shop.

Things get so racy in the video that the two make out while nude in a bed and also passionately kiss while covered in blood.

The song is hot, and the video graphic gritty, and a tad bloody. All things considered, it reminds us violence is never sexy.

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