Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Knock Before Entering or Get Shot Trying To Enter

It's 5:00 am and still dark outside. You and your significant other are awakened by the sounds of someone coming through the windows in your home.

Your response to the breaking glass and sounds of windows sliding open is to prepare to fend off whatever threat to you and yours the morning has produced.

You are a gun owner. You leap out of bed and retrieve the purchase that you bought yet hoped you'd never have to use.

You lock and load in the darkness of your bedroom just as the bedroom window crashes. You turn toward the window and fire. You hit the intruder center mass, knocking him or her backward out of the window. In the next second your bedroom door flies open you turn you instinctively fire off as many rounds as your weapon can propel. You drop two more targets.

You have just killed three Police Officers. It can and has happened. Read the real life drama that was generated in one man's life  when Police entered his home without announcing themselves. Man Shoots Home Intruders is now Facing The Death Penalty.

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