Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pop Culture’s Newest Apocalypse: Visions of a Smartphone Dystopia

Even in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, when the Internet is broken and electricity scarcer than unicorns, the smartphone survives — albeit only as an unusable brick. Such is the conceit of Edan Lepucki’s “California,” a novel set roughly 40 years from now in an irredeemably bleak future. But protagonist Frida Ellis doesn’t call the machine that she stows away with her other precious belongings a “smartphone” and it bears no identifying brand. She refers to it only as the “Device,” an act of naming that reeks of ritual incantation. The Devices in “California” no longer help Frida and the rest of struggling humanity communicate, but they still provide a link to what came before. Read More @  Pop culture’s newest apocalypse: Visions of a smartphone dystopia

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