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S2N Media's Hot Links for The Week Ending September 13, 2014

The 2nd  Week of September 2014 paved the way for some  engaging topics and informative insights at Soup2Nuts Media. Here's our hottest clicks of the week for you. Short reads, in-depth information, all in one place. Be sure to check our weekly photo shout at the bottom of the page.

Monday September 8th was the day TMZ dropped another one of infamous "you've been exposed" bombs on the NFL.  This bomb was video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice landing a left hook beside his then fiancĂ©,  Jenay Palmer's  head subsequently  knocking her out.

Contemplating whether to send some steamy selfies to  someone to give them something to remember you by?  Think long and hard before you press the "send " button - you could be sending the world something to remember you by.

The U.S. has been arming terrorists from al-Qaeda to the very brutal ISIS. Could iPhone technology be the answer to ending this unintended outcome of ending foreign occupations? 

The bold and daring terrorist organization ISIS has literally dared President Obama to come into Iraq and Syria after them. The President  responded nationally  to those dares on national television.

Stop & Frisk policing has been revealed to be at times to be Stop & Harass Blacks and Hispanics walking the streets  because they're Black & Hispanic. Some police agencies have ramped up their profiling of Bs & Hs,  taking it  from the sidewalks to the highways under the disguise of Highway Interdiction.

When you're 300 plus pounds and one of your job requirements is you hit people violently -you have to be careful how you beat your kids. You can call it old-school corporal discipline but the cops may not not buy it. The NFL's Adrian Peterson found out the hard way. Maybe Peterson should stick to hitting running backs and wide receivers. 

And from the S2N Photos of The Week

Is the NFL now inducting wayward players into a hall of criminals? A North Carolina newspaper thinks so.

For $20 a year in 1957, a black family could join an organization called the Tourist Motor ClubFor $20 a year in 1957, a black family could join an organization called the Tourist Motor Club. What they received in return was a list of hotels and restaurants where blacks would be allowed inside the door, and a guarantee of $500 in bond money in case they found themselves being arrested for making the wrong choice. “Are you ready for any traveling emergency–even in a hostile town?” the Tourist Motor Club asked in its ads, and not unreasonably. “What would you do if you were involved in a highway accident in a hostile town–far away from home. You could lose your life savings–you could be kept in jail without adequate reason. You could lose your entire vacation fighting unjust prejudice.”

We want to know......
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The ticket not for an unlicensed vehicle. (She has tags) .Oh no, on the contrary, it was for driving while little Black.

Raven-Symone (Whew) Can Make  a Bald Head Sweat

And we leave you with 18 time Grand Slam Queen Serena Williams. She looks great plays great, she's just a well rounded (no pun intended) great woman.

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