Monday, September 29, 2014

Scary People With Guns and Badges

Some real scary people have managed to get themselves hired as Police Officers all across the country. Thanks to the widespread availability of high quality video capable mobile devices a lot of these people are getting caught in their atrocious acts. Then there are those that are not caught in the act but caught nevertheless expressing what they would, or would like to do, what they intended to do, or what they have done.

On a recent weekend I was watching MSNBC's Weekends With Alex Witt news and commentary show.
Alex played a clip of an interview with a police officer whom had a prior interaction with Alton Nolen, the man charged with beheading a woman at an Oklahoma processing plant he was fired from.
The police officer , Lt. Betsy Randolph said she wished she had killed Alton Nolan during her encounter with him during a past traffic stop. Now granted, Nolan gave her some trouble during that traffic stop, she had no way of knowing what he eventually would wind up doing. Her kill mentality is almost as scary as Nolen's. She speaks of her regrets of not killing him as if another opportunity to engage him presented itself, she'd shoot him and complete her shift. Listen to her in the video below.

Officer Randolph is still running around somebody's streets with a gun and a badge that authorizes her to have free reign over said gun. Then there is Officer Keith Sandy of the Albuquerque Police Department who murdered 38 year old mentally ill and homeless man James Boyd. This murder should have been charged back to officer Sandy as pre-meditated. Here is why. Two hours before the murder of Boyd, Officer Sandy was caught on another officer's dash cam announcing his plans to shoot Boyd in the penis with a shotgun. Pick the conversation up up between Sandy and Officer Ware around 14:50 on the video below.

Officer Sandy was on paid administrative leave as of this article's date. To put just these two incidents in perspective. The average American citizen can go to jail for communicating threats, especially if they suggest they are going to blow up or shoot someone of something. If you don't believe me go to your nearest airport, find a TSA agent. When you find that agent mumble incoherently within earshot of that agent bomb and plane in the same sentence. It's more than likely the next stop for you will be jail. In the meantime, Police Officers are talking about killing citizens, and as illustrated here, in some instances making good on their tough talk by going out and actually killing people for nothing. And they continue to operate with impunity. Scary.

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