Sunday, September 7, 2014

Twenty Amusing and Embellished Job Titles

Job titles have evolved so much over the decades until some of them doesn't come close to hinting at what it's holder does.  Some are fancy, weird, misleading, and in some cases, straight up funny.  Here are 20 of Soup 2 Nut  Media's  favorites.

  1. Media Distribution Officer - Paperboy
  2. Education Centre Nourishment Consultant -  School Lunch Server
  3. CPA - Car Parking Attendant
  4. Gastronomical Hygiene Technician - Dishwasher
  5. Erectile Dysfunction Consultant - Prostitute
  6. Inner-city Pharmaceutical Representative - Drug Dealer
  7. Medicinal Marijuana Shop Owner - Legalized Weed Dealer
  8. CEO - Chief Egotistical Oligarch
  9. Information adviser – Librarian
  10. Obligations Resolution Arbitrator - Debt Collector
  11. Executive  Director  of  Green Space Field Operations – Landscaping Supervisor
  12. Communications Ambassador - Company Spokesperson
  13. Actions and Repercussions  Agent - Police
  14. Theological Tax Collector - Preacher
  15. Transparency Enhancement Technician  - Window Cleaner
  16. Neighborhood Advisory Board member - Wino  in front of the liquor store  dispensing  rhetoric
  17. Chief Executive Larcenist - White collar thief
  18. 1st Year Larcenist Understudy - Petty Thief
  19. Pharmaceutical Product Study Participant -  Prescription Drug Addict
  20. Neighborhood Media Correspondent - Nosy Lady that sees all and gossips 24/7

What are some of your favorites? Let  us know in the comment section below.

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