Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's Time For Obama To Have a Nino Brown Meeting With His Inner Circle

Nino Brown from the 1990's Hit Movie New Jack City
Disclaimer : This post contains language commonly used by teen-agers on public transportation and your child's playground. 

Okay it's time for President Obama to have a Nino Brown meeting with all members in a management role at the Secret Service and in his inner circle. For all non- OG readers of this post Google "New Jack City" if you don't know who Nino Brown was. Those that do remember the 1990's movie New Jack City will have no problem remembering the meeting drug lord Nino Brown (played by Wesely Snipes) had with his inner circle when security was breached and his empire threatened because of the breach. It's time for President Obama to follow Nino's "come to Jesus" meeting model and here is how it should play out.
First, the President needs to park the suit and tie and don a black turtleneck, black slacks, black shoes, and get a tow chain for his dog Bo. Yes a tow chain, cause Bo's pissed and a Pet Smart leash ain't gonna hold him long.

This meeting needs to be in one of those White House rooms with a long table and about twenty-some chairs. Even though she thought she dodged this meeting by resigning, former Secret Service Director Julie Pierson needs to be one of the main attendees at this meeting. Eric Holder, Michael Rogers, Susan Rice,and any other heads of departments involved with him on a daily basis. 

The President needs to make all attendants of the meeting wait in the room for about 15 minutes and then stroll in with that swag ass walk of his with his dog  Bo on the chain. Close the door and circle the table one time then ask to nobody in particular:

"What happened?"

He glances menacingly at all the people around the table.

"Don't everybody speak at once."

You can hear a pin drop. Everyone at the table would give a years salary to disappear now.

"What up with this?" The President raises his voice and furrows his brow. He is still pacing around the table with the dog on the chain.

"How the one foot motherfucker get all the way across my damn yard?" He focuses on the Secret Service Director.

Nobody says anything - they're hardly breathing.

"Out of all you motherfuckers, nobody knows jack shit?"

"Holder, what happened? Ah, I know Eric know something. No?" Stands behind Holder and pats him on the cheek. Holder looks sheepishly down at some spot on the table wishing he was that spot.

"Pierson? How'd a mutherfucker get on an elevator with my ass with a gun? And you ain't say nothin?  How bout this lawn shit? "You still not saying nothin?" Tell me about this responding to the guy getting over a higher fence, by installing a lower fence in front of the tall fence! Nothing? Cat got your tongue?

"I'll be a motherfucker.Don't nobody know nothing? What up with this?"

Agitated, he starts pacing around the table again. The dog is straining against the leash to get at anybody sitting at the table.

"Somebody got to know something was going on. Those damn dogs yall got don't know nothin? All those cameras?  See what I'm saying? Ya'll got some some dogs that can't tell y'all from the bad guys? Are the motherfuckers blind? What up?

He walks behind Secret Service Director Pierson and leans down as if he's whispering in her ear.

"Ain't that right, Pierson? I think Pierson definitely knows something."

He stands up, walks to the end of the table, and stops. He glances around the table and then he yells - "You fucked up. You fucked up big-time. You're incapable of running this shit."

NSA Director Rogers  stands up and starts - “Uh Mr. President I didn't have anything to do with...."

Obama interrupts him.

"Sit yo five dollar ass down before I make change."

Rogers  sits but continues.

"TMZ brought it to my attention. We got employees. I can't keep my eye on all of them."

The President ignores him and focuses back on Pierson.

"What's the matter, Pierson? What's up with you? Why are you letting some shit like who I look like fuck with you? Carter, Clinton, Regan, even Bush, a dude that dared folks to shoot him but not one of them had nobody run across their damn yard get in the damn house and run around. I got folks coming to work drunk, buying pussy while they're supposed to be watching me, and motherfuckers shooting through my damn house, and don't nobody know a damn thing! No President before me had this kind of shit happen and I wonder why that is?" He slams his fist down on the table.

"Something like this can never happen again." He walks around the table and stops at the back of a real handsome curly haired African American agent. He wraps a portion of the dog chain around the man's neck and tightens up!

"Barrackkk!!!!" Holder screams from across the table as he rises to intervene.

The President gives the chain a good yank around the man's neck causing him to go bug-eyed before he removes the chain.

"I never liked you anyway, pretty motherfucker." The President spews in the direction of the man who's gasping for breath and holding his neck.

The President walks to the end of the table again and sits down. He dismisses the attendees of the meeting with a wave of his left hand.

"Now leave me."

All members of the meeting quicly scurry out of the room.

Yes, the President needs to have a  "Nino Brown" meeting for sure.

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