Thursday, October 9, 2014

See A Lady Single Handedly Stop Cops From Wrongfully Arresting A Man

Straight out the gate let me say - I love this woman. It's not a lustful, obsessive, immersed in the lewd fog of  a pipe dream love. It's a love of her attitude, confidence, and bravery. She's the "I got this" kind of woman that steps up to the plate to right a wrong involving the police during a time when police are shooting people that even act like they're confrontational. Not once did this woman flinch, waver, or hesitate, in dealing with some police officers that had stereotyped their way into the wrong neighborhood.

Washington D.C. Metro police responding to a burglary call detained neighborhood handyman,  Dennis Stucky, in the upscale Washington neighborhood of Foxhall Crescent. The cops were at the wrong address and had the wrong man.

Enter attorney Jody Westby who intervened and questioned what the officers, whom had Stucky sitting on the curb, was up to.

The officers said they were responding to a burglary. Westby demanded to know the address the officers were responding to. When the officers reveal the address, Westby determines its in a nearby subdivision.

The officers make a feeble claim about Stucky being loud and boisterous to which Westby responds "Because you're accusing him".

Now is where the "Oscar Award Winning" performance by Westby begins. She scolds the officers, and ignoring the requests of officers to "Stop Ma'am" as she goes over to the curb and helps the disabled Stucky to his feet. She leads him away from the officers while telling them "Just because he's Black doesn't mean he's here to rob a house. He works for us he's been in the neighborhood for 30 go find 4600 Foxhall Cresent". AWESOME!

And what did the cops do? They did as they were told by Westby - left her neighborhood minus one wrongly accused Black man. Love it! Love Westby - society needs more folks just like her!

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