Tuesday, January 20, 2015

For The Love of Fried Chicken

For centuries, Black People have been tangled in satirical, stereotypical, and in some instances social associations with chicken. Mainly fried chicken to be precise. There have been malicious, biased social attitudes that have aimed to demean and ridicule Blacks for their appetite for Fried chicken. Most of the stereotypes haven’t weathered the tests of time and have died slow deaths behind the fact that other ethnic groups love fried chicken just as much if not more than Blacks. KFC didn’t build an entire corporation off the palate of Black folks and you can believe that.

Recently, fried chicken made the news in an incident that further validates, certain members of other ethnic groups crave it so much nothing will deter them from ordering up some. In this reported case, chicken became a bank robber’s weakest link.

Thirty-two year old bank robbery suspect Shane Lindsey reportedly placed a call in order for some chicken and biscuits at  Eazer's Restaurant and Deli in New Kensington PA, minutes after making his getaway from the nearby Citizens Bank, according to Triblive.com.

Yes, Shane must love chicken. He robs a bank and apparently makes it out of the bank then has an undeniable taste for chicken so he calls in his order for some.

Police chief Tom Klawinski said cops caught up with Lindsey while he was in the restaurant calmly eating in a booth.

The suspected bank robber was arrested before he could even pay for his condemning meal. Cops say he confessed to the robbery. If Shane’s lucky, where he’s headed maybe chicken is on the menu.

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