Wednesday, April 22, 2015

5 Top Signs That You Might Be In Danger Of Getting Fired -

People get fired from jobs every day.  It’s horrible when it happens. It's also a gut retching thing to have to do to someone even if the person is the employee from hell.

Some folks know when they're about to get axed from a job and some don't. It's those that don't know will get the most value out of this article.
Before that pink slip, Friday lunch, or Monday morning meeting occurs, the signs were obvious a separation was coming.  Here are a few signs  from me and then I'll send you to Erica Andersen for five sure shot signs of a looming termination.

The pink slip recipient will be orphaned from crucial projects. They will notice a degree of alienation from those that already know their fate. The ambiance of the working environment will feel "strange". Those are just some of my observations from being in the business of hiring and firing people. 

Erika Andersen over at Forbes says she and her colleagues are often in the position of knowing that someone is going to get let go before they know it. They  may be coaching a manager through the process of firing an employee, or they are in the loop with HR. She says they're almost always surprised at how surprised people are, when they get fired.  As a third party, she's  been seeing the signs for awhile, and quite often, the manager has actually been giving pretty strong indications of dissatisfaction. Read More @ 5 Top Signs That You Might Be In Danger Of Getting Fired -

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