Monday, May 11, 2015

Why White People Don't "Uprise" When a White is Killed By Police

The explanation for the title of this blog post is very easy for most to come by. Police aren't killing white people with reckless abandon and disregard for their rights and lives. And that is true. However there is always some in society that feign absolute ignorance when it comes to understanding how situations like the Baltimore Maryland response to the death of Freddy Gray or the Ferguson Missouri response to the death of Michael Brown comes to fruition.

Those that harbor right wing ideologies and racists notions attempt to paint black uprisings as mindless criminal activity by a people gone mad. Oh the people are mad alright, however they are far from out of their minds.
"I don't understand why those black people are acting like that".
The numbers explain how we get civil unrest after repeated and redundant abuse at the hands of authorities in cities like Baltimore.

African-Americans make up 13% of the population yet their deaths account for an astounding 20%! That means 1 out of every 5 people killed in America is Black. Conversely, 77% of the American population is Caucasian, while only 37% of these deaths are White people. That’s how you get civil unrest. That’s statistical proof for why White people don't up rise. when one of theirs are killed by authorities! White people are killed 1/3 of the time, when they make up over 3/4 of the population! White people that don't give a damn about what's happening to blacks don't have any reason to up rise.

Abused dogs and people are a simple case study that warns what is in store from the repeatedly abused. There will come a time, and a place where they will strike back or run away. In regards to a demographic of people that has just as much right to equal and fair treatment from society as any other ethnic group, running away is not an option.

The late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. eloquently provided a solution to repeated abuse and oppression in one of his speeches.

  “A man can't ride your back unless it's bent”

Whites don't wind up in states of civil unrest because they aren't forced into situations that bend and break their backs. They aren't policed under subjective misguided stereotyped templates. They aren't discriminated out of the job market and into the criminal activity market. They aren't sold to the global public by right wind media as thugs and savages.

I don't condone violence on any level but there is no denying the the real explanation of black civil unrest. It's simply blacks standing up straight so their backs can no longer be ridden by the racial parasites of our society. Don't allow the media and monolithic fascist institutions to get it twisted.

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