Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Baltimore City Students Can Receive Free School Breakfasts and Lunches

Beginning this week of June 1, 2015, every student in the city of Baltimore Maryland, regardless of income level, will have access to  free school breakfasts and lunches under a federal program that allows school districts to eliminate a decades-old meal-subsidy structure for students in high-poverty schools.

Baltimore is one of a few districts in Maryland taking advantage of the opportunity that was opened to schools across the nation last year. Maryland schools are able to adopt the program under state legislation passed this year in the General Assembly.

Del. Keith Haynes, chief sponsor of the legislation said this.

"We know that nutritious, balanced meals has a direct correlation to positive outcomes for our student. And we know not everyone has access to that."
 Eighty-four percent of Baltimore students qualified for free and reduced-priced meals this year based on family income under the National School Lunch Program. The program was established in 1946. About 13,000 paid $3 for lunch this year; the district dropped its reduced-priced meals in 2013 and paid the subsidy for those students to eat for free.

After June 1 all students can eat free regardless of income level. This removes the negative stigma of receiving free lunch for those that need it and offers students unabated access to at least two nutrious meals during the school day.

This model needs to be implemented country-wide.

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