Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mckinney Texas Police Officer Who Attacked a 14 Year Old Teenage Girl Resigns

The lines have been drawn and the sides taken on this one. The supporters of the McKinney Texas police officer manhandling and slamming into the ground the 14-year-old girl in the video below can try to rationalize this any way they want to. The fact of this matter is a man beat down an unarmed female two times smaller than himself. Add to that the female wasn't guilty of anything. Add to that if any man out of a uniform had done this he would be in jail.

 It got started Friday June 5th around 7:15 p.m. when Police responded to calls about a disturbance among juveniles at the Craig Ranch Community North Pool in the Dallas area.

McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley said officers at the scene "encountered a large crowd that refused to comply with police commands."

Subsequent video footage have emerged showing the conclusion of what appeared to be a physical confrontation between some black teens and white residents of the neighborhood. Witnesses to that conflict say it was initiated by the residents hurling racial slurs at the teens.

Here is the video of the attack.

 Nowhere have I found reports of any teenager at the pool party wielding a weapon or threatening an officer. The young lady in the video certainly didn't look too dangerous to me.  Hell, she was sitting down asking for her "Momma" when the officer started beating her down.

One of this officers pal's doubled down on their gangster style invasion of the party by pulling his weapon on these unarmed kids.

Really guys? You aren't trained enough or man enough to de-escalate a situation that you inflamed with some kids? Do you pull guns on your kids?

Did they think those teens were not going to react to one of their own being beat like that? Who's training these cops?

There are some folks that didn't see anything wrong with how the Police handled themselves in the audio clip. To those folks I ask - "If  your daughter was being treated that way by any man - would you be okay with it?

This incident is taking on racial overtones on its own.

The supporters of the cop that attacked the young girl are overwhelmingly white while the outrage is coming from blacks. The teens at the party were mostly black and the cops running renegade were mostly white.

Community members, religious leaders, and activists voiced their concerns on Monday outside McKinney police headquarters.

Jahi Adisa Bakari, a father whose 13-year-old daughter was involved in the altercation, said he was "disappointed" with how McKinney police handled it.

"Send the proper people out there. I don't like grown men touching my daughters," he said. "This man was out of control."

I concur with Mr.Bakari. I'm not going to be happy about any man, boy, woman, or girl beating down my daughter or any sister I know. As a Father, and a man I'm going to be pissed off and I'm going to want that person held accountable.

It's reported by NBC News that the officer in the video, Eric Casebolt has been put on paid leave.

Here is what adds insult to injury and triggers uprisings in situations like these. The SOP of giving the officer involve "paid time off" while "a full investigation takes place".  McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley acknowledges viewing the video footage and promised a full investigation. What does he need to investigate?

Even Stevie Wonder can see a man assaulted a woman. Full stop.

On Tuesday June 9th, CNN reported that the officer that attacked the young girl retired. I see this as an attempt by him to evade prosecution and keep his pension at the same time. I can only hope that the local nationwide communities aren't pacified by this resignation. This officer should be brought up on charges.

This conduct displayed by this officer toward a child  is appalling. On the street if a man can't handle a child without beating said child, said man is deemed a punk. And if said man beats a child like this officer did he is held to task for it.

This badge, gun, blue / black uniform band of gangsters need to be under the watch of prosecutors like Baltimore's Marilynn Mosby and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Those two women are on record as having a no-nonsense reaction to officers that do things like officer Casebolt did to that 14-year-old girl.

The public is going to have to stay out in force demanding that abusive treatment of citizens by police be policed. When I say stay out in force I don't mean stay out in the streets with protest signs. I mean get heavily involved in the political arena through voting. A lot of these leaders of police departments are directly connected to publicly elected officials. Most prosecutors are elected - or not by the voting public Murder at the hands of police officers will only be more aggressively adjudicated when the prosecutor is not swayed in one direction when prosecuting police officers.

If change does not happen we can certainly expect more scenes like the one depicted in the video of this incident. To remain silent is to co-sign abuse like this.

Remember the next time it could be you, or someone you know or are related to in a video like this.

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