Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Since We Are Talking About Symbolic Flags

It's been interesting to see all the twisting, hee-hawing and humming around, and "milk toast-logic" going regarding  the flying and selling of the Confederate Flag.

The Confederate flag has long been a logo of sorts for those that endorse, and engage in racism, hate, discrimination, and bigotry.

Ironically it took the killing of 9 African Americans by a deranged white boy who endorsed that flag in South Carolina to get the pressure ratcheted up to the point politicians and business leaders were forced to distance themselves from the Confederate flag.  
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley changed her position from last year of keeping the flag flying. She is now saying the flag should come down from the grounds and buildings all government entities. Presidential candidates Chris Christie, George Pataki, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, and Scott Walker agree the flag shouldn't fly on the grounds of South Carolina's state capitol.

America's largest retailer, WalMart took a stance against what most see as a flying symbol of hate by removing all Confederate flags from their shelves. Sears, Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay followed suit. I wonder what would South Carolina do if these retailers threatened to alienate South Carolina altogether?

Now since we're talking about flags and what they represent - let's talk about this one.
It's not exactly a picture representing pristine morals and values toward minorities.

It represents a lot of what folks find the Confederate Flag stands for.

We can start with the fact that it represents a country where African Americans are oppressed, chained, beaten, killed and held in wholesale bondage for well, up to the writing of this post. It represents a country where African Americans today still have not been granted their earned equality in the contexts of economics, jobs, housing, and American society as a whole.

Since we're talking about flags let's talk about how this flag represents a society where in there lies a sanctioning of police killing African Americans. It represents a faction of people that harbor stereotyped crafted beliefs of people that don't look like the self-appointed mainstream.

Since we're talking about flags let's talk about this one that supposed to be a symbol of freedom and equality but also represents a country where the very people that built it are exiled from nearly every opportunity to capitalize off the fruits of their labor. Yes, those people, who had to fight, march, and go to jail just to get a sampling of equal citizenship and some of it's amenities like voting.

Looking at the big picture, pulling down the Confederate Flag and not addressing the underlying poisons represented by it's big brother "Old Glory" won't change the plight of African Americans.

After all one of those fifty stars represents the state of South Carolina - the state so hell bent on advertising a history of hate by hanging on to a flag that represents it.

One shouldn't argue against removing physical reminders of  discrimination hate and oppression from public financed institutions. Any place that is supported by public funds certainly should not display emblems symbolic of any hate toward any people. I think we can all agree on that - and if we do then we'd better get to work changing the oppressive attitudes, policies, laws and systems represented by those stars and stripes flapping in the breeze all over this country.

Since we're talking about flags.

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