Monday, June 1, 2015

Soup2Nuts Blogging Tools - Grammarly Enhances Our Content

In our quest to be a transparent information and opinion dispensary, we want to share all aspects of how we arrive at our content. You won't see many blogs do what we're about to do. Show you a report detailing our mistakes, words written, and how we ranked with other writers / bloggers.

Soup 2 Nuts Media and it's affiliate content dispensaries rely heavily on two technical editing apps to support our over worked human editors. They are grammarly and Hemmingway App.

Grammarly is a writing-enhancement platform developed by Grammarly, Inc., and launched in 2009. Grammarly's proofreading and plagiarism-detection capabilities check for a writer's adherence to more than 250 grammar rules. They offer a robust free version that can help writers avoid looking like grade school ramblers. They also have a robust paid version that checks your literal musings nine ways to Sunday.

One surprise feature of grammarly is it sends you a weekly  report full of data about your writing. Yes we make mistakes, and even with grammarly and live editors some mistakes still get to you. Without grammarly and live editors you'd probably need a translator to understand our content.

Here is how grammarly says we did from May 25th thru May 31st.

May 25 — May 31
Your Weekly Writing Update
"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." —Ana├»s Nin
10506words written
You were more active
than 95% of Grammarly users.
180mistakes made
You were more accurate
than 68% of Grammarly users.
2030unique words used
Your vocabulary was more dynamic than 97% of Grammarly users.
Here is the only word you overused in your writing last week.
Tip: You'll notice a few suggested synonyms (in blue) that you can try next time to keep your writing fresh.
relate match distinguish examine differentiate 
1 Passive voice
59 mistakes
2 Wordiness
44 mistakes
3 Missing comma after introductory phrase
28 mistakes

We're getting a handle on passive voice and wordiness. What we like about these reports is it plants a subconscience reminder that tends to linger. In future drafts we tend to look for the highlighted trouble spots and work them out of the content before going after the ones normally addressed by our live editors.

Grammarly is a keeper for us because we want Soup2Nuts Media to be a keeper for you.

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