Friday, July 24, 2015

Dissecting The Sandra Bland "Dead Mugshot" Theory

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The late 28 Year old Sandra Bland had no business in a Waller County Texas jail in the first place. She was pulled over for failure to signal a lane change. When was the last time you heard of someone going to jail for failure to signal a lane change?

 Bland's arrest was the result of an arrogant baiting police officer hell-bent on getting her riled up. When he couldn't get her to commit an arrestable offense he simply manufactured one. Watch the video of the arrest - Bland is never seen assaulting the officer as was stated in the report of the incident.

Bland was thrown in jail where three days later authorities say they found her hanging in her cell.

The suicidal implications surrounding Bland's death have some folks crying BS. Everyone close to Bland says no way she would have taken her life. She was about to start a new job, she had relocated to begin that job, and was going along with life fine. I find it strange that a woman in a county jail awaiting the payment of a $500 bond would commit suicide.

The social media community took on the odd ending to Bland's false arrest with much vigor. Most of those folks are skeptical about Bland's alleged self-inflicted demise. while in jail.

They go so far as to suggest Bland was dead before she ever saw a jail cell. It's a theory that has to shed several fallacies.

Here are five observations driving the death before lock up theory.

  1. In Bland's mug shot her locks are flowing backward suggesting she was in a horizontal position as the photo was taken. 
  2. The loose flesh on her face appears to be laying back suggesting again she is in a horizontal position in the mugshot.
  3. There is no profile mugshot as is the norm with all mugshots. 
  4. In the mugshot, Bland was dressed in jail fatigues. Most mugshots are taken before the arrested person gets into jail fatigues.
  5. Some observers say Bland's face looks lifeless.

Here are some post-death occurrences that nudge the notions Bland was deceased when she was photographed toward the fallacy file.

While Bland was in custody she allegedly made phone calls - even leaving a voicemail for one person she called. If Bland was deceased in the mugshot - whose the female making the calls?

A neighboring inmate says they heard Bland crying in her cell. Was this Bland the inmate heard? Is the inmate lying?

One thing is certain - to cover up a post processing death  complete with a mock hanging two days later would require a lot of planning and executing by quite a few authorities. That's a lot of folks that all involved would have to depend on to remain hush - hush.

The whole incident from arrest to death reeks of something rank. Most of the rank stuff we've seen and know. Could there be more?

Your thoughts?

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