Thursday, July 9, 2015

Donald Trump Can't Be Serious About Politics and The Presidency

Mainstream media is making much to do about Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's remarks about illegal immigrants. To this point has been the focal point of his bid for President.

Trump has steadfastly labeled illegal immigrants as rapists, drug dealers and all around criminals. The broad brush assertion is Ludacris within itself seeing as to how American jails are full of way more "legal" criminals than the illegals that get caught doing things illegal.

His assertion that Mexico is "sending" it's worse people to the U.S. is so outlandish I'm not going to dignify that one by speaking to it.

Then there's this proposal from Trump about building this wall that will 100% seal off the US from Mexico.

"I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I'll build them very inexpensively, I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall."

The odds of making this wall a reality are so insurmountable it proves Donald Trump is shooting from the cuff with no  forethought or in-depth analysis. He's fixated on Mexico while facts prove illegals get in this country via a myriad of ways.

Trump hasn't laid out any concrete plan for how he would improve this country if he becomes President. That's a big "if" I'm using. I'm sure he won't be President. I'm sure he won't be because Donald Trump doesn't want to be President.

Let's look at this Trump for President thing. Why on earth would someone with the money Trump has want a job that pays peanuts compared to what he makes daily? Why would he want a job that is going to be an impediment to his free-wheeling and dealing?  Why would he want a job where is every move is going to be scrutinized?

And he's damned himself from winning by pissing off the entire Latino segment of voters with his reckless verbiage on immigration. He repeatedly points to Mexico when he's talking undocumented people. All undocumented don't come from Mexico, however listening to Trump you'd think they did.

He doesn't want the Presidential job. He's doing this for something he craves and loves - the spotlight. Just like the average inflated ego personality walking around these streets - he likes attention. The more attention the better. Just take notice of how he never misses an opportunity to plug "Donald Trump".

"I'm rich, I'm really rich".

"I have a total net worth [of] well-over $10 billion.... I'm not doing that to brag, because you know what? I don't have to brag. I don't have to, believe it or not."

"When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let's say, China in a trade deal? They kill us. I beat China all the time. All the time."

"I just sold an apartment for $15 million to somebody from China. Am I supposed to dislike them?... I love China. The biggest bank in the world is from China. You know where their United States headquarters is located? In this building, in Trump Tower."

Serious politicians overuse the two words "American People". Donald Trump is wearing out the pronoun "I".

Now Donald Trump has managed to wander into some political issues that the other candidates just as soon had lay dormant. That wandering has made him an Achilles heel to the Republican stable of candidates.

"Well, since Donald Trump bought it up how do you feel about xyz?"

I'll bet a dime to donut some of those candidates are thinking "I wish Trump would go away".

And he'll go away. After he's gotten his ego's worth of his latest escapade AKA "run for  President - he'll go away.

I write this post as a warning to everyone not to get distracted from the real candidates that have a serious chance at making the next four years better or worse for the American people.

You see in 2016 Donald Trump will have ascended back to his golden towers and billions while you and I will have a new President. Hopefully, it's one that we voted in because we paid attention to their agenda  as opposed to one who slipped in while we were caught up in an unreality show named "Trump for President".

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