Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton Spends 18 Million To Get Her Bid for The Presidency Underway

WASHINGTON (Soup2Nuts Media) — Hillary Rodham Clinton is serious about her bid for the presidency and she is spending the money to prove it.
Clinton has dropped than $18 million and hired hundreds of employees in the first three months of her presidential campaign. This has amassed a national operation that vastly outpaces her rivals in both parties.
Word to that Trump guy - "Money talks, BS walks".
Building a presidential bid powerhouse isn't cheap. Clinton has the money to spread around. She raised more than $46 million for the Democratic primary contest.
Here is how she's invested some of those funds from that massive war chest coffer. 
Clinton spent more than $5.9 million on 343 employees, $700,000 on computers and other equipment, and nearly half a million renting offices, including her 80,000-square-foot Brooklyn headquarters.
Her campaign purchased lists of voters in four early primary states. They dropped a six-figure bundle to a super PAC committed  to defending her record and spent heavily on building a digital team, according to campaign finance documents filed Wednesday with federal regulators.
Where did some of this money come from?
Donors are some of Clinton's most committed financial backers. There is Hollywood media mogul Haim Saban; Susie Tompkins Buell, a wealthy California investor who was a major donor to the Ready for Hillary super PAC; Las Vegas publisher Brian Greenspun, a longtime friend and college classmate of Bill Clinton; billionaire J.B. Pritzker of Chicago; and Alan Patricof, a New York-based financier who served as Clinton's finance chair when she first ran for Senate in New York.
Clinton's team also successfully lured some of Obama's biggest backers, including New York financiers Marc Lasry, Charles Myers and Blair Effron.
Clinton's financial investment in her presidential bid puts her adversaries in catch-up mode at this point. 
Her head start could be the edge she needs to be there when all the BS is boiled down and it's time to face off against the appointed GOP candidate.  

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