Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Small Town Bank Robbers Get Big Time Jail Sentences

Windsor, North Carolina. On July 10, 2015,  William Twine and Michael Rankins were sentenced for their role in the 2014 robbery of Wells Fargo Bank  in the small town of Windsor, North Carolina.

These two dudes took it upon themselves  to roll up in  the bank on King Street on June 9, 2014, wield  a gun and demand money. They made a fatal mistake by not accounting for all of the people in the bank.

Two employees of the bank  slipped out, and took refuge at the nearby  Lawrence Memorial Public Library. They called 911.

Now Windsor North Carolina Police does not take kindly to folks committing class A felonies in their serene and quiet town. These cops don't bother anybody and they appreciate folks not bothering them with felonies. If you choose to bother them with a felony - they will make short work of your little-intended crime spree.

Officers arrived on the scene almost before the suspects had gotten out of the bank. ( This is how stupid these bank robbers were - the Police department is literally next door to the bank they robbed). The police could have walked to the bank quicker than they could have driven. They may have, I don't know.

Witnesses advised responding officers the suspects fled north on King Street.

North Carolina law enforcement will tag team a crime - and get their man, or woman. Thanks to the cooperative work of the Windsor Police Department, Bertie County Sheriff’s Office, N.C. Highway Patrol, Bertie County Communications Center and the Office of Probation and Parole, the suspects were apprehended shortly after the robbery.

These dudes from  Edenton, North Carolina  were taken into custody after leading officers on a high-speed chase and a foot pursuit.

So you want to come to Windsor from Edenton and rob a bank? Windsor North Carolina law don't play that.

Micheal Rankins, 50 pled guilty to Armed Bank Robbery and was sentenced to 150 months or more than 12 years in prison. Rankins will also receive five years of supervised probation upon his release.

He has since entered an appeal in the process.

William Twine copped to Armed Bank Robbery – aiding and abetting and was sentenced to 90 months, or just over seven years. He will likewise receive five years supervised probation upon his release.

Both men were remanded into the custody of the U.S. Marshal.

Word to the stupid - robbing banks in small towns will get you big time slammer leases.

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