Sunday, August 2, 2015

Watch University of Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing Straight Up Murder Motorist Samuel DuBose

Another African-American involved traffic stop ends fatally. And again the cameras everyone wanted police departments to implement are instrumental in incriminating the officer involved. CAUTION - The video below contains graphic content.

Samuel DuBose's last words were "I didn't even do nothing."

A video from University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing's body camera contradicts Tensing's filed report and confirms an attempt to cover up a straight up murder by officer Tensing.

As you saw in the video, the routine traffic stop ended in the senseless death of a man who's only wrong doing was not having his license on him.

Contrary to claims by Tensing's attorney Tensing "feared for his life" and was dragged by Samuel DuBose's vehicle.

Tensing's own body cam depicts DuBose being shot to death by Tensing following a calm exchange during a Mount Auburn traffic stop July 19.

There is no violence or physical altercation shown, and DuBose does not appear to be belligerent or aggressive toward the officer. DuBose turns his ignition key, starting the car, but the vehicle appears to move only after the shot is fired.

Officer Tensing has been charged with the murder of Samuel DuBose. That's all well good. But the indictment of officers senselessly mistreating and killing Blacks does not seem to be curbing the frightening trend. With more departments implementing body cams one would think these incidents would be fewer and farther between - but that's not the case right now. Some officers seem oblivious to the fact they're being recorded by their own selves nonetheless.

It appears that getting stopped while Black is the segway to a death sentence these days. This has to stop.

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