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When Kids Get Sent to Adult Prisons and More in MuckReads Weekly

by Terry Parris Jr. ProPublica, July 2, 2015, 4:36 p.m.
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A terrifying glimpse into life in prison 2014 as a kid (The Huffington Post)

WATCH: Exclusively obtained videos of how kids are treated in prison in Michigan:
2014 Dana Liebelson (@dliebelson) July 1, 2015
"The officers pressed a spit guard on her face and fastened straps on her arms and legs and chest, a practice known as five-point restraint. Jamie became more and more distressed, but at no point did the officers attempt to calm her or even explain what they were doing. '[There was] snot coming out of my nose. I'm trying to sit up,' she said. 'I'm coughing and crying at the same time, and basically the officer said I spit on her and they still tied me down.' She recalled pleading with the guards, 'I'm like only 17, you can't do this to me.'"

Distraught people, deadly results (The Washington Post)

Distraught people, deadly results: Police have killed 123 people in throes of mental crisis this year.
2014 Charles Ornstein (@charlesornstein) June 30, 2015
"Nationwide, police have shot and killed 124 people this year who, like Page, were in the throes of mental or emotional crisis, according to a Washington Post analysis201A ... The vast majority were armed, but in most cases, the police officers who shot them were not responding to reports of a crime. More often, the police officers were called by relatives, neighbors or other bystanders worried that a mentally fragile person was behaving erratically, reports show."

University of Phoenix sidesteps Obama order on recruiting veterans (Reveal)

U. of Phoenix sidesteps Obama's order intended to thwart aggressive recruiting tactics #muckreads @Aaron\_Glantz
2014 Jennifer Gollan (@jennifergollan) June 30, 2015
"...the regulations say nothing about sponsoring events. Internal University of Phoenix company documents obtained by Reveal show that the Big Smo concert is part of a sophisticated recruitment strategy. At its heart is a deliberate effort to create the impression that the college is sanctioned and even recommended by the armed forces. The goal, company documents say, is to 'fulfill expectations' of 'market penetration.'"

As Florida governor, Jeb Bush provided special access to lobbyists (International Business Times)

EXCLUSIVE: Read the emails between Jeb Bush and corporate lobbyists who got favors from his administration #muckreads
2014 David Sirota (@davidsirota) June 29, 2015
"According to IBTimes' review of email correspondence between Jeb Bush, his top aides and Southern Strategy Group lobbyists, the firm frequently engineered meetings with the governor for its clients. A lobbyist at the firm helped write two of his major speeches. In some instances, Bush sought the direct input of Southern Strategy lobbyists as he crafted his legislative agenda, and he gave them private glimpses of public policy as they represented the corporate interests that had a financial stake in his decisions."

Slow-motion tragedy for American workers (Center for Public Integrity)

.@Publici: Toxic substances kill & sicken tens of thousands each year as regulation falters #muckreads #longreads
2014 Michael Beckel (@mjbeckel) June 30, 2015
"For years, the best [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] has been able to do is set chemical limits so that no more than one extra cancer case would be expected among every 1,000 workers exposed at the legal maximum over their entire careers. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's standards for the public are 10 to 1,000 times more protective. The real gap is often worse, a former OSHA official says."

#MuckReads Local: Alameda County DA seeks controversial surveillance device (East Bay Express)

Alameda DA let cops use #stingray for 9 years, systematically withheld discovery, had no policy for usage.#muckreads
2014 Ali Winston (@awinston) July 1, 2015
"'We need this to be able to move forward. We have already shipped the old equipment back to Harris Corporation and they are just waiting for the NDA to be approved. They said as soon as they get that, things should move pretty quickly,' [an Alameda County DA official wrote in an email]. It's unclear which 'old equipment' Chew was referring to, because the Alameda County District Attorney's Office has denied possessing a cell-site simulator."

#MuckReads Local: Nevada higher ed officials quashed report critical of their management (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

ICYMI: Nevada higher ed officials quashed report critical of their management #muckreads
2014 Bethany Barnes (@BetsBarnes) June 30, 2015
"In an email, Constance Brooks, the higher education system's vice chancellor for government and community affairs, remarked to colleagues that the report shed a 'very negative light' on the state's Board of Regents and asked if the audience for the report was the system's 'antagonists.' 'I say we just take what we like out of the report and do away with the rest,' she suggested. So that's what happened."
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