Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Nation Of Islam's Louis Farrakhan Straight Up Tells Followers They Must Rise Up and Kill Folks

The outspoken in your face Minister Louis Farrakhan's speech at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Miami on July 30th contained a call for violence. The shocking request has caught fire on the Internet. It got Soup2Nuts' writers' attention. This cry for killing from the controversial front man for the Nation of Islam could backfire horribly.

I don't know where Farrakhan is going with this blatant call for "Black Americans to rise up and kill those who kill us”. A minister urging folks to do something that will be suicide reminds me and you of Jim Jones.

What I do know is on the heels of this cry is a scheduled sequel to the very impactful 1995 Million Man March that took place in Washington D.C.

If this rally to "kill" is part of the agenda of the march scheduled for September 10th, negative ramifications from the "call to kill" could create a lot of problems.

Now I'm a fan of Farrakhan. I haven't always agreed with every direction he has taken or everything he's said. Overall I believe he has a full grasp of the state of African American issues.

However, I have to wonder if in his aging years has his memory sprung a leak. As a purveyor of nonradical Muslim beliefs does he not see he's risking fusing the Quran following with the murderous agenda centered factions that claim the religion? Does he realize that millions take him to the letter of his words? Has he forgotten that killing is not the mantra of resolve for the ills African Americans are enduring?

Does he not know that if he gets 10,000 men from his flock to go callous to violence and they misinterpret his message that he will certainly be considered to have done nothing towards separating the Islamic community from violence?

Whether the 10,000 are bonafide terrorists or not that's what they're going to labeled or perceived by those that can't make the distinction between Muslim worshipers following their minister's lead and terror wielding radicals that happen to be Muslim.

On top of all that his public cry to "kill those that kill us" certainly has put already trigger-happy authorities on alert. Seriously this call for killing may also be the signature on the death warrants of those that consider killing.

Louis Farrakhan needs to walk this one back or at the least provide more clarity on his request. Does he mean "kill" in the literal sense? Or is his "kill" a metaphor used for rhetorical impact that suggests an increased non-violent attitude toward the entities that are responsible for the oppression of people of color?

My hope is that before the September march, Farrakhan makes it back to another podium and clarifies just what he means.

Surely he can't mean go out and kill humans.

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