Friday, January 29, 2016

An Extra Gig of Free Data Could Be Available For Some U.S. Cellular Pre-Paid Customers

If you have the U.S.Cellular Simple Connect Prepaid $45.00 unlimited talk & text plus 1 GB of data plan  this post is for you.

Sometimes between late 2015 and January 2016, U.S.Cellular began offering 2 GB of data with this plan for the same 1gig  price.

I'm sure I'm not the only customer that didn't receive a notice or text about the additional gig of data at no additional cost. I also was not informed by the local store associate that processed my late December payment.

This is plan I signed up for in August 2015
The associate processing my January payment didn't say anything about the plan change either. I happened to look down on the counter and saw a brochure advertising the same plan I was paying for only the advertised plan showed 2 GBs of data.

This is plan I saw on the front of the brochure circa January 2016

When I asked the associate about brochure she said all I had to do was give her permission to upgrade my account (at no additional cost) to get the extra gig of data. She took care of the upgrade in less than two minutes.

U.S. Cellular offers two prepaid plans so be sure which plan you have. There is the Simple Connect Prepaid that's available only from U.S. Cellular and there is the Ready Connect sold in retail stores like WalMart and such.

The plan this post applies to is the Simple Connect plan. If you got your U.S. Cellular prepaid phone in a box purchased from a retailer it's a 99% sure bet you have the Ready Connect plan. If you purchased your prepaid plan directly from U.S. it's probably a Simple Connect Plan. If you're uncertain ask U.S. Cellular.

So if you have the Simple Connect plan and you are still only getting one gig of data a month you should go into your local U.S. Cellular store and ask for a plan upgrade to get the extra gig of data at no additional cost.

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