Friday, January 22, 2016

Do You Have To Register Your UAS (Drone) ?

Thousands of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) also know as drones found new owners during the Christmas holidays. Some adults that purchased drones understand the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) requirements for registering drones while some have no idea that "toy" they gave Jr.might need to be registered with the FAA. Then there are the underage purchasers that have no clue that the skies may get unfriendly and result in financial and /or criminal penalties if they are flying unregistered unmanned aircraft.

Let's cut through the red tape and get right into what the FAA requires of drone owners.

Do you have to register your UAS immediately? 
Yes, you do.  If you purchase your UAS after Dec. 21, 2015, you must register before you operate it outdoors.

How much does it cost to register? There is a cost of $5 per owner to register, Note: that is $5 per owner. One owner can register multiple aircraft for $5.

What will happen if you don't register your drone? Failure to register an aircraft may result in regulatory and criminal sanctions. The FAA may assess civil penalties up to $27,500. Criminal penalties include fines of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three years.

The agency told the website Quartz that drone owners have until Feb. 19 to register, so it hasn’t yet issued any fines, and stressed the process is simple. If people don’t register by then, however, the FAA may start handing out penalties. The agency didn’t immediately respond to a follow-up question on how it plans to do that. [SOURCE]

Where do you register? There are two systems. The online system is currently only required for UAS used for hobby or recreational purposes. This new registration process is quick and easy and provides the registrant with a registration certificate immediately. The paper-based system is for manned aircraft and unmanned aircraft that are not solely used for non-hobby or recreational purposes or weigh more than 55 lbs. This process takes much longer to complete and the $5 registration fee is non-refundable. The FAA will transition the paper-based system to a web-based tool later in 2016.

 Do children's toys need to be registered? Not if they weigh below 250 gm/0.55 lb. or less. Most "toys" the FAA has identified at a purchase price of $100 or less have been determined to weigh less than 250g. You can find more information in this Recreational UAS Weights document (PDF).

You can get all the information on drone regristration on the FAA's FAQs page HERE.

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