Thursday, February 11, 2016

10 Obsessive Lovers Who Savagely Killed After Being Dumped

One of the unintended backlashes of Valentine's Day is the pressure some folks feel to find a valentine. Folks that have been alone the previous 364 days suddenly rush to judgement about people they know little about just to "be with someone" on Valentine's Day. Then they try to force this forced hookup into a relationship. To be sure, this "thirsty" desperation is not exclusive to Valentine's Day - it's a year-round thing for the very lonely and ultra thirsty among us.

That my dear readers is dangerous.

It's some crazy ass folks walking around out here. Hook up with one of them and throw some poonanny and sausage in the mix and you could find yourself with someone that will kill you quicker than AIDS and will certainly be harder to get rid of than roaches.

They will do some extreme stuff to hold on to someone that shouldn't have been with them in the first place.

They'll socially engineer themselves into every social site you're on to find out who ( if anybody) is kicking it with you. They'll ride by your home 15 times a night. They'll stake out your job. They'll resort to cat burglar tactics - low creeping and taking up residence outside your bedroom window after midnight. They'll drive cross country without stopping to pee to confront somebody behind "dat azz". They'll break in your house and cook your pet.
Some of these folks will kill you.

Before you rush into something with someone you don't know check out this post over at Thought Catalog about 10 folks that started out as lovers and wound up the killers of those that thought they loved them.
10 Obsessive Lovers Who Responded To Heartbreak With Savage Murder

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