Monday, February 1, 2016

How Chaka Khan Appeared So Youthful At The 2016 BET Celebration of Gospel Event

Chaka Khan 2016 BET Celebration of Gospel
Chaka Khan ages well. Or not at all. I was checking out BET's 2016 Celebration of Gospel and caught Chaka's  the Reverend Donny Donnie" McClurkin nail the spiritual "Walk With Me Lord". Their duet was moving and spiritually invigorating. Another thing I was awed by was Chaka Khan's youthful looks.

The 10-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist repels the physical weathering of time. She looks younger today than she did 36 years ago when she and Rufus tore up the R&B scene.

Rufus And Chaka Khan

One of the Chicago native's signature style assets is the full head of hair. Chaka is one of the sisters of the eighties that took the 'fro mainstream and became known for rocking it in full bloom.

Fast forward to 2016 and while Chaka is not rocking the 'fro she is killing the beauty game with a full mane of beautiful hair that frames a face void of the weathering traits of time.

A 62-year old face that appears younger than a of 24 year-old mugs. What gives?

Yes, there's makeup, but makeup is not a capable adversary against bag wrinkles, and loose skin. I know some reading this post will point to the possibility of  plastic surgery.

There is nothing plastic looking about Chaka. If plastic surgery has anything to do with this 62-year-old's resplendency and radiance it surely has help from a good set of genes and living right.

I went searching for her beauty secrets and the one thing that Google kept tossing back at me is that she eats right.

The star was once challenged with an increase in weight,  high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes both of which she managed to diminish to the level she was able to get off medication.

Khan credits a strict liquid diet, and thereafter veganism for the weight loss.

In 2012 Chaka told website,

“I felt like I need to heal my body, so I would just fast and eat no meat, no dairy. I’ve never been a fan of meat, dairy and sugar. And when I developed diabetes last year I said, ‘Oh OK, I’m not going to be here long. A change is coming,”

She also said she went on a liquid diet.

“When I first started last year, for two whole months, I didn’t chew a thing. Me and my Vitamix were there, and it was my best friend. Everything I just put in the Vitamix and I drank. And I exercised.”

Changing her diet worked wonders for the famous grandmother. The proof is in the pictures and the pictures need no supporting dialog from me.

The songstress is still hitting the stages with her timeless beauty and legendary voice. Go Here for ticket info.

And I'm going to exit this blog post by giving Chaka her props. You are every woman - young and old (no pun intended)

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