Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kanye West And The Rest Of Us Gon' Learn - Let Exes & Sleeping Dogs Alone

Elise Savante
Hi ya'll, it's ya girl Elise here. I'm normally found in my quiet little space at Soup2Nuts media minding my own business, but the bosses here invited me to do a bonafide blog post on this here Kanye slamming Wiz Khalifa and digging at Amber Rose rant. This thing where Kanye West (once again) went to running his mouth (in this case working his fingers) that led to him looking foolish as hell is a topic I couldn't pass up.

First of all, for those that don't know, Kanyne West and Wiz Khalifa are both Amber Rose’s ex-boyfriends. Most ladies ex-boyfriends that operate in the same environment keep it cordial and keep it moving. "Yeah I speak to ole boy but he ain't getting invited to poker night".

Well, Kanye West decided to test the limits of ex-boyfriend restraint when he went on a Twitter rant against Khalifa after Khalifa tweeted to West that naming his latest album “Waves” would co-opt the "wavy movement" — a more chill, smoother brand of hip-hop with sung hooks — pioneered by rapper Max B".

West was into a twenty or so tweet rant when Khalifa tweeted this:

“Hit this kk and become yourself.”

— KOE (@wizkhalifa) January 27, 2016

West took the tweet as a dig at his wife Kim Kardashian and went Twitter the fuck off on Khalifa. 

You get the idea where West was going with this tirade.

Well, Kayne was wrong and must’ve felt some kind of foolish. 

Khalifa’s reference to “kk” had nothing to do with Kim Kardashian. Khalifa was suggesting West take a chill pill and maybe toke on some of Khalifa’s brand of weed - Khalifa Krush.
Talk about looking like a fool on social media. SMDH.

How did Amber Rose get mixed up in this?
Kayne mixed her up in it. See Kanye can’t seem to pass up an opportunity to take disparaging shots at Rose. Why he hates on Rose so much is anybody’s guess but he dragged her into this rant he was firing off to Khalifa.
The (4th and 5th  bullet points) in the tweet screenshot below are clearly aimed at Rose.

There’s a saying that goes something like: “Let sleepy dog lay”. That saying is applicable to exes lest you want something private outed about yourself that they otherwise wouldn’t tell.

Rose responded to Kanye’s malicious shading with this,

Of course, Kanye responded with something along the lines of he didn't let exes play with his butthole.

But you see here is the problem with exe's  letting slip what appears to be intimate and personal preferences of their exes. Once it's out there, it's out there - true or not.

So ya'll take this lesson from this fiasco. Don't go rattling the cages or your exes - leave 'em alone.

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