Monday, February 8, 2016

The Carolina Panthers Enabled The Longest Punt Return In Super Bowl History. Why?

These Two Panthers Have Norwood. Why Did He Escape?
I'm working on a post that highlights all of the questionable miscues, ref calls, sacks, falling downs, and just straight up elementary play that was all up in Super Bowl 50. Nobody seems to want to come out and question some of the blatant oddities that occurred in that game. Well, I think they're worth scrutiny so stay tuned.

One of the oddities of Super Bowl 50  no one wants to dissect  is the historic sixty-one-yard punt return by the Patriots' Josh Norwood. Taking nothing away from Norwood's talents, skills, and historic accomplishments, I've got to say "brother you had help on this one" and it came from the Carolina Panthers.

The ball is punted to Norwood. He does NOT signal fair catch. He catches the ball half surrounded by Panther defenders.

First, notice in the video how the defenders back off - pay special attention to the defender that throws his hands in the air.

Norwood takes off toward the right side of the field and makes Super Bowl history. WATCH the video below all the way through. The clip near the end will show Norwood clearly in the arms of Panther defender Number 21  and 21 opens his arms (the same player that appears to throw his arms up in the overhead field shot) and Norwood is off to the races around a lot of suddenly slow Panther defenders. Panther # 97 eventually runs across the field to haul down Norwood before he got to the end zone.

There is no friggin way #21 or any other Panther player or coach can sell this one as they thought Norwood was fair catching because he never signaled fair catch and he was already running when he ran into the arms of #21. So what gives?

Stay tuned to this blog for a full-scale look at things that occurred on field during Super Bowl 50 that will make you go "hmm".

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